Covers Areas in Essex : Loughton, Debden, Chigwell, Woodford Green, Buckhurst Hill and Chingford for Dog Walking, Dog Boarding and Pet Sitting. Looking after your pets whilst you are away.

0740 259 1103

Walky Walkies (and don't say it out loud in front of your dog ;) is a Dog walking, Pet Visiting & Dog Boarding service. Based in Loughton, Essex and covers surrounding areas including Chigwell, Chingford, Buckhurst Hill, Woodford, Debden.


We walk our dogs in a variety of local parks and Epping forest.


We can provide home visits for dogs, cats and small pets and provide them with food, toilet breaks and give them some company when you are away from home.


We also can provide day and half-day boarding where your pet will have a holiday with us and lots of fuss. Overnight/Weekend & Holiday boarding is also available. SEE OUR SERVICES & PRICES PAGE


We work on the basis of a 7 day week and public holidays. We do not charge extra for weekends or public holidays. We are fully insured, reliable and experienced dog walkers..


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Dog walking Loughton Chigwell Debden


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Animal and pet service or care is kind of simple further as ought to be taken care. Pet care is in truth an easy job, and includes the vital functions of grooming and Endeavour to take care of smart pet health care. General pet provides might be thought-about a definition of helpful tools for grooming and keeping your pet in physiological state.




The process of selecting a pet is incredibly vital. Selecting a pet depends on one’s preferences; however there are unit still some vital things that ought to be unbroken in mind. One should select AN animal of fine breed. Secondly, the pet ought to be healthy particularly if it's still within the initial stage of its life. A healthy young pet shows sensible quick growth.


You should create a whole list of pet provides and embrace the following: pet food and aliment bowls, pet id tags and collar, pet medications, supplements and tonics, etc. another things to think about area unit animal carriers, pet homes and article of furniture, pet bed, clothes, and pet jewelry.


Online pet provides area unit provides which will be purchased from pet stores over the web. There area unit varied pet grooming product makers and pet-grooming stores mercantilism their merchandise on-line through their individual official websites.



Pet grooming provides embrace things like grooming clippers, pet hair care merchandise, soaps, shampoo and perfumes.




Pet Health could be an important responsibility of pet possession. For puppies and kittens, or the other four-legged pets, vital treatments would come with giving a hygiene bathtub, cleaning, combing, brushing, checking ears, paws, teeth and face of the tongue, nail cropping, removing fleas and insects, and acclimation approved conferences with an expert veterinary. An honest pet owner ought to follow an everyday schedule of grooming sessions.


Pet care will need plenty of patience. Like youngsters, pets usually need special attention. A puppy, kitten or the other pet in its infancy must be handled with extreme care. Especially they need to be kempt properly, fed fastidiously, and bedded properly.


When you area unit treating your pet as your friend why not covering your pet with AN insurance. Yes! That’s completely doable and you'll realize several insurance corporations providing policies for the one you love pet. Pet insurance is currently a day’s quite common and used for the most part by several pet lovers. Though what proportion you are taking care of your pet however you near recognize once AN emergency scenario arrives.


There is an awfully illustrious voice communication from writer “Pets area unit such agreeable friends, they raise no queries and that they pass no criticisms” concerning pet animals. Pets have invariably been friendly to humans and infrequently show their love and warm-heartedness by licking, hickeys, even love-bites.

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